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Week 2 of the Big Dog Lacrosse Tournaments will be underway! The North Coast Lacrosse Championships will feature teams from all over Ohio! Plus, VukGripz Lacrosse Stick Tape will be setting up and displaying its #1 rated performance lacrosse grip! With our lacrosse stick tape growing more and more popular, all we could do is add colors to our arsenal! We started with our black lacrosse grip and now feature:

  • Red Lacrosse Grip
  • Blue Lacrosse Tape
  • Slip Resistant Lacrosse Tape in Neon Green
  • Neon Orange Lacrosse Grip Tape

Slip resistance is our middle name! Our lacrosse grip will be the top performance lacrosse grip on the market! Players are able to place our lacrosse tape anywhere they desire grip on the their lacrosse stick! Faceoff athletes will also gain extra torque with our lacrosse tape as they battle against their opponent.  Our thin lacrosse grip will not disappoint with durability! By increasing the friction with our lacrosse stick grip, players will be able to can more control of their stick with great fluidity in their movements!

Be sure to stop by and check out the American Made Lacrosse Grip presented by VukGripz Lacrosse Tape! Learn more about our lacrosse tape by clicking the link!


May 19, 20189:00 am


Diamond Lacrosse Fields
7781-7841 Middlebranch Ave NE, Canton, OH 44721, USA

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