MSBL World Series – Tempe, AZ – Oct. 19-29


West Coast is getting that VukGripz exposure! Bat grips and batting gloves that are performing for you and not against you will be making its way to the 2018 MSBL World Series in Tempe, AZ. These bat wraps are different than what is available by top brand name companies! If you break a wood bat, no problem. VukGripz bat grips are reusable! This bat tape just doesn’t kind of stick. It really sticks! Be sure to head to the website to watch our video on the best way to reuse a VukGripz bat grip! Don’t forget: VukGripz reps a system of products! Its bat grips and batting gloves are the best gripping system available on the market! From proven bat speed increases up to 4.4% (16.6ft extra, on average, in distance a baseball traveled further when VukGripz was used) to providing 43% more grip in dry conditions┬áto 270% more grip in wet, cold and moist conditions, these products will outperform traditional bat grips and batting gloves! Don’t believe us? Head to the VukGripz Product Study to learn how and why these products will increase your performance! We look forward to seeing you at our booth out in Tempe!


October 19, 20178:00 am

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