MLB Spring Training – Florida, USA


VukGripz is headed to the MLB Spring Training in Florida! VukGripz is headed to the Boston Red Sox (Ft. Myers), Miami Marlins, and New York Mets Spring Training in their perspective locations! MLB Spring Training will be a great way for VukGripz to get its products in the hands of professionals! VukGripz will be sporting its “non-slip” products that provide the best grip in all types of weather. VukGripz has proven through various water tests from its employees to its customers, showing that VukGripz will outperform the competition in crazy weather! With 270% increase in grip/friction in wet, cold and moist conditions with the VukGripz System, VukGripz allows hitters to gain an edge when the elements are not in their favor. Increasing an athletes grip/friction only comes with extra benefits like increased bat speed of up to 4.4% with the VukGripz System over what leading competitive brands’ bat grips/wraps/tapes and batting gloves can provide! That is an increase of 16.6ft further, on average, a baseball traveled after being hit by college baseball players! If athletes just need a VukGripz Bat Grip that day, no worries. Those athletes can see an increase in bat speed of up to 2.1% by just using a VukGripz Bat Grip over what leading competitive brands’ bat grips/wraps/tapes can provide. That is still 6-8ft further in distance by just using a VukGripz Bat Grip – Bat Wrap – Bat Tape! No other leading brand name company has been able to provide a bat grip that is reusable like a VukGripz bat grip. Break a bat, buy a brand new bat, no worries! VukGripz is not a one time deal. On top of that, VukGripz bat grips/tapes/wraps are all made locally in the USA – Canton, OH! You can always count on an American company that produces American made bat grips/tapes/wraps. If you are unable to make this tournament, no problem! You can always head to to get all the latest VukGripz bat grips/tapes/wraps and batting gloves! New colors and styles coming soon! Help your team win a Championship with gaining an edge VukGripz Performance bat grips/tapes/wraps and batting gloves!

VukGripz will also be attending many other baseball events! Please be sure to keep check the VukGripz Travel Schedule with this banner to see where and when VukGripz will be near you! Also, if you have questions or would like to invite VukGripz to a tournament, camp or showcase near you, please contact VukGripz at or email RJ (Owner) at [email protected]!


March 8, 20178:00 am

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