Freedom Worlds Slowpitch – Aiken, SC – October 12-15, 2017


SOUTH CAROLINA….. This tournament can’t come soon enough! VukGripz is super excited to make its way down to Aiken for the Freedom Worlds! With the awesome weather down in South Carolina year round, it is hard not to have sweaty hands or to play in the rain. Have you ever experienced the bat slipping in your hands in those types of conditions? Well, it’s time for a new gripping alternative that performs phenomenally in dry conditions, but becomes a game changer in wet, cold and moist conditions! VukGripz one of a kind bat grips and batting gloves has the solution to all your gripping needs! While increasing your bat speed up to 4.4% over traditional combos to providing 43% more friction/grip in dry conditions to taking it a step further and improving grip/friction 270% in wet, cold and moist conditions! If you are not a batting gloves user, you can still gain up to 2.1% more bat speed over traditional/popular grips and will still increase the friction between your hands and the bat!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our videos on our products and why our products surpass the competition, please check out the website links and YouTube links below:

Dirty, Muddy and Wet Test

CWS – Fox 42 Omaha Exclusive Interview

Extreme Water Test

Be sure to head straight to the VukGripz Online Store to check out all the colors and products we have available!


October 12, 20178:00 am

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