The Coors Light 48hr Boneyard Blast – Batting Gloves & Bat Grip/Bat Tape

Boneyard Blast - Reno, NV


VukGripz is headed to Reno this week! VukGripz will be bringing its bat grips and batting gloves to the Boneyard Blast Slow Pitch Softball Tournament! With the slip resistant bat tape and batting gloves system, VukGripz will show athletes in Nevada, what this system is all about! This tournament will be one of the largest of the year and is already sold out! Be sure to check out VukGripz LLC on Facebook and @vukgripz on Instagram/Twitter to see pictures from the tournament! Don’t forget, this bat grip is reusable! Unlike other bat tape and bat wraps, this bat grip is made to outperform the competition!

Also, be sure to check out VukGripz Shop┬áto get all the latest colors, styles and products for bat grips and batting gloves! Join the VukPack and get Vuk’d up today!


Date Time
July 7, 2017 6:00 am

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