33rd Annual Budweiser Softball Festival – College Station, TX


  1. We are back again for the 2018,  33rd Annual Budweiser Softball Festival! VukGripz will bringing its bat grips and batting gloves with style! With new designs for our batting gloves and all new bat tape colors, we will be ready to rock! Our bat grips are at the top of the game when it comes to all weather bat grips, reusable bat tape, thin bat wraps and durable bat grips! Our system between our batting grips and batting gloves really takes it up a notch. The resistance to slip is out of this world compared to the alternatives! With the new added colors of Neon Orange Bat Grips, Neon Green Bat Grips, Blue Bat Tape, and Red Batting Tape, there is no “slip” with our performance! Be sure to check us out at the Home Run derby on Friday Night around 5pm and tomororw at the Bryan Complex or Victory Complex! Also, winners of the derby and tournament will be receiving VukGripz Batting Gloves and Batting Grips! Good luck, get Vuk’d Up, and we are excited to have you join the VukPack! Check out more about VukGripz on our Home Page!


May 4, 20185:44 pm


Annual Budweiser Softball Festival - College Station, TX
5106-5499 N Texas Ave, Bryan, TX 77803, USA

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