2018 NCAA Men’s College World Series | VukGripz Bat Grips & Batting Gloves


VukGripz (aka wolf grips) will be back at the NCAA Men’s College World Series in Omaha, NE! We had such a stellar time last year rocking Omaha Baseball Village (OBV) that we rad to get a 10’ by 40’ tent! That’s right! And, we brought friends with us! There will be a bat company, fielding glove company, and Wristpectables (bracelets)! The top, performance bat grips and batting gloves in the game has continued making its way to the top! We have also launched 4 new colors of our bat grip! We will have:

  • Pink Bat Grips
  • Black Bat Tape
  • Gray Bat Wrap
  • Blue Batting Grips
  • Red Batting Tape
  • Neon Orange Bat Grips
  • Neon Green Bat Grips
  • American Flag Bat Grip (USA Bat Grip / USA Bat Tape)

We have tested and retested all of our products to make sure that we provide you with the top, gripping solutions possible. Our thin bat grip will provide you with the best slip resistant bat grip on the market! We took it to the extreme to test these products in all types of funky weather! It can be raining, cold, muddy, dirty, humid and snowing all at the same time and you will have no worries when it comes to gripping your bat! Don’t forget about our premium batting gloves! With VukGripz technology sewn directly onto the palms, athletes that use our batting gloves and bat grip together will have the best grip on their bat possible in all playing conditions! The benefit to having a better grip is to be able to grip lighter and hold tighter! By doing this, athletes can have a more relaxed grip (compared to alternative bat tapes or gripping systems) which will provide better range of motion, fluidity with their movements and explosiveness/quickness! You will not find a better grip solution on the market for baseball or softball! Also, because we increase the friction with our bat grips and batting gloves, the durability of our products increases! We decrease the slipping and rubbing that may occurs between products or between your hands and the bat tape. By doing that, the wear and tear is minimal compared to other products that suggest “they are the best.” Again, VukGripz bat grips and batting gloves are American Made with the best adhesive on the back of our bat grips that goes edge to edge! We add even another benefit with our bat grip by claiming it is reusable! That is right! We have tested this feature over the last two years and VukGripz has the first, real reusable bat grip! Be sure to check out our How To Wrap a Bat Page to learn the proper technique to reuse our bat grips and bat tape!

We look toward to seeing everyone out in Omaha in June! We know we will bring great energy along with bat grips and batting gloves that can consistently increase your bat speed and bat control over any other alternatives and combinations of products. And, you do not have to keep reapplying any liquids for VukGripz to keep its “grippy!”


June 16, 20189:00 am

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