2018 GSL Mojo Moneyball Tournament | VukGripz Bat Grips

VukGripz VukLoc Pro Series Premier Batting Gloves - Red, White, Blue Camo


Slowpitch softball: VukGripz will be at the 2018 GSL Mojo Moneyball Tournament! We will also have our new bat grip colors available! Our USA Bat Grip, Red Bat Grip, Orange Bat Grip, Blue Bat Grip and Neon Green Bat Grip are a sight for sore eyes! We are also launching a brand new batting glove that has taken our VukGripz Select Batting Gloves and VukGripz Premier Batting Gloves and created a hybrid! Those batting gloves will be available at the Mojo Slowpitch Tournament in Columbus, OH!

To all of our supporters: we can’t thank you enough for the outstanding feedback and encouragement from all of you! Your help has allowed VukGripz to become a brand new powerhouse in the baseball, softball and slowpitch industry! Let’s keep trucking and make this ride even crazier! Be sure to check out the GSL Mojo Moneyball Tournament’s Facebook page to learn more about start times and vendors!


March 23, 20189:00 am

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