2017 ABCA Best of Show Award – VukGripz Bat Grips and Batting Gloves- Largest Baseball Convention in the World – Anaheim, CA


Best of Show, that’s what they called it! VukGripz Bat Grips and Batting Gloves earn “Best of Show” honors at the 2017 ABCA Convention in Anaheim, CA! This was its first appearance at the largest baseball convention in the world with over 4000 coaches and several hundred vendors. To be considered by the Collegiate Baseball Board for this honor is quite an honor in itself. VukGripz has worked diligently to provide the best performance bat grip and batting gloves system on the market. VukGripz Bat Grips and Batting Gloves standout against the competition by being able to provide:

  • Up to 4.4% more bat speed with the VukGripz System over traditional bat grips and batting gloves
  • 270% more friction/grip in wet, moist, and cold conditions over what traditional bat grips and batting gloves can provide in those same conditions
  • 43% more friction/grip in dry conditions over what traditional bat grips and batting gloves can provide in those same conditions
  • Safety is also promoted by VukGripz because of this system because fewer bats are less likely to slip out of athletes’ hands when using this system than if they were using the traditional batting gloves and bat grips system

Here is the write up in that will be in an article by Collegiate Baseball coming out on January 27, 2017 about VukGripz:

“VukGripz System – – Several new batting gloves and bat grips were introduced at the ABCA Convention, and every product was superb. The selection committee felt the VukGripz line of performance grips and batting gloves should receive special recognition for their innovative concepts. Developed by R.J. Vukovich over the past four years, using his grip on bats and gloves in combination provides 270 percent more grip/friction in wet, moist and cold conditions compared to traditional leather gloves and grips being used together. In essence, there is no slip. He showed videos and did tests by taking a bucket of water and pouring it over his grips and gloves and taking numerous swings and experiencing no slip or loss of bat speed. He also has had customers demonstrate the same results. In dry conditions, the VukGripz System provides 43 percent more grip than traditional gloves and grips. When the weather gets extremely hot, there is no slippage either with sweat pouring out of hands. Because of this, pine tar, tar sticks, spit, dirt, spray or chalk are no longer needed with this system. Due to this unique gripping system in all weather conditions, it allows hitters to relax more with their hands and wrists which allows them to swing with a more fluid motion as they don’t concern themselves with losing a bat due to a bad grip. A special proprietary material is sewn directly onto the palm of the VukGripz glove which allows the batting gloves to lock in with the VukGripz grip on the bat handle. For more information, go to their web site at www.vukgripz.com or call (330) 265-5991.”

Thank you again to Collegiate Baseball for the consideration and for the nomination. This is a huge step for VukGripz! Be ready world, VukGripz is here to stay and it is here to be the best bat grip and batting gloves system on the market! “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!”

Visit www.vukgripz.com to get the latest grips and gloves today! Also, be sure to check out the new videos on VukGripz, including the recap from the ABCA Convention with guest speakers: Joe Aul (Aul Bat Company), Ed Richards (with Baseball America), Josh Band (Owner of Plate Crate and www.platecrate.com) and Brandon Nelson (Professional Baseball Player and College Coach). Go to https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=vukgripz.

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