Batting Gloves

VukGripz Batting Gloves Make Your At-Bats Better!

Developed by Pro Hitter & Owner, RJ Vukovich, these Batting Gloves are Engineered for Hitters to Gain

Optimum Grip with Maximum Durability!


Industry Leading Friction and Durability with VukGripz Batting Gloves!

Vuk’s Award Winning Batting Gloves are the Industry’s 1st and Only Batting Gloves to Focus on “Grippy!”


Added Palm Grips give Hitters More Grip and Increased Durability During Use! The Grips Breakdown Before the Leather!


Increased Leather Quality and Smaller, Detailed Production Insures Higher Quality with Every Pair of Batting Gloves!

Holwer Batting Glove White Pair

Grippy Benefits Dominate Sticky/Tacky in Every Condition!

Vuk’s Industry’s Leading Science has Proven that Hitters will Gain More: 

  • Bat Control & Bat Path Consistency
  • Bat Speed
    • Up to 2.1% more using Vuk Batting Gloves
    • Up to 4.4% more when paired with a VukGripz Bat Grip compared to traditional systems
  • Exit Velocity
  • Launch Angle Consistency

“Hmm, VukGripz Batting Gloves when used with a VukGripz Bat Grip can’t increase your performance. A pair of gloves used with a grip can’t increase your bat speed up to 4.4%. And these products increase your bat control. Do your batting gloves and bat tape workout or something?

VukGripz has heard it all! “Products increasing your bat speed?” “Come on man, there is no way batting gloves and a bat grip can do that.” “This is just another one of those gimmicks by another company that won’t last more than a year.” It’s hard to believe, we know! We are trying to convince athletes who have been using batting gloves and different types of grips their whole lives that a small, brand new company could add advance technology to strategic locations on each product that will provide increases to different areas of any athlete’s performance. Performance is a broad term. What areas of performance can VukGripz Performance Batting Gloves and bat grips improve:

  1. Bat speed
  2. Bat control
  3. Slip resistant technology in all conditions
  4. Increases relaxation in hands, wrists, arms and upper body
  5. Increases range of motion/flexibility

“How can that be true?” VukGripz has two great explanations that will help you become a believer, fan and user of a VukGripz Performance Batting Gloves and Bat Grips:

  1. A professional study done by a Fortune 500 Company concluding that a VukGripz Products outperform any other system, like traditional batting gloves and bat grips/sticks/tars/spit/dirt/chalk, that helps you grip a bat while being consistent and without reapplication.
  2. Tested in professional baseball first hand (USA and International) by Owner, RJ Vukovich, the past 5 years to guarantee durability, being able to be reapplied, performance increases like more bat speed while providing slip resistance in all weather conditions and easy application.

VukGripz has created a hitting philosophy around its products: “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!” By increasing friction with both a VukGripz Bat Grip and Batting Gloves, these allow athletes to gain relaxation in their muscles by allowing those athletes to grip easier/lighter with their hands. By increasing relaxation in the hands, wrists, arms and upper body, athletes gain range of motion and flexibility in all those areas. A direct reaction of increased flexibility is better fluid motions, aka, swings! Athletes can swing more fluidly because they are loose rather than all tense. An increase in better fluid motions then translates to more bat whip and exit velocity…physics is awesome!

VukGripz has colors, different grip feels, durability, the ability to be reapplied (not a one time investment), slip resistant technology in wet, cold and moist conditions (270% more grip/friction in those conditions than leading brand name grips), a hitting philosophy, and proven performance benefits like up to 4.4% more bat speed with this VukGripz System!

Increase your performance today! Join the VukPack!

A VukGripz Bat Grip is not a one-time investment!

“Have you broke a bat before?” “Have you bought a brand new bat, but already put a bat grip on your old bat?” “Did you put your bat grip on wrong?”

Worry no more! VukGripz Bat Grips are able to be reapplied! Please follow these helpful steps in reapplying your VukGripz Bat Grip:

  1. Never overstretch the bat grip when applying the first time or when trying to reapply the grip to another bat.
  2. Take off the VukGripz Bat Grip with the adhesive side of the grip facing up/away from the bat. Go slow. Do not rip the grip off the bat. If you take your time, it will make the reapplying the grip much easier!
  3. Do not allow the grip to stick to itself if possible. The adhesive is very, very aggressive. It if grip sticks to itself, it can be unstuck by picking the grip off of itself (Note: This will be difficult and time consuming. Don’t get frustrated! It is just an extra baby step!). Try to take off the grip on a counter or higher surface. This will allow the grip to dangle/hang freely as you peel it from the rest of the bat. Having a buddy help you may make it easier!
  4. Clean the handle of the new bat. Either use adhesive remover (use at your own discretion), WD-40, and/or use a scraper to get all the old adhesive, dirt, or rough spots off the handle.
  5. Reapply the VukGripz Bat Grip Tape to the new bat the exact same way as the first time it was apply. A helpful hint is to always have the logos/lettering face up or facing you so you can read it.
  6. After the grip tape is on the bat, make sure to apply pressure all over the freshly installed grip by squeezing all over. DO NOT SQUEEZE AND TWIST. Just squeeze!
  7. Add a piece of finishing tape (electrical, athletic or included tape) to the end/top of the grip to help prevent that edge from getting hit, nicked, or picked at.
  8. You can refer to the VukGripz Baseball-Softball page for the “How to Wrap Your Bat Video” for extra information!

Mission Complete! Time to smash and “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!”