Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter! Swing Faster!

270% more grip in wet, cold and moist conditions. 

Use both VukGripz Bat Grips and Batting Gloves for maximum gripping power.

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Grip Lighter. Hold Tighter.

No Matter the Weather!

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[zozo_vc_feature_box css_animation=”left-to-right” text_align=”left” title=”The only bat grips & gloves system that has proven to provide “slip resistant“ technology in wet, cold, and all other weather conditions!” title_type=”h4″][/zozo_vc_feature_box][zozo_vc_feature_box css_animation=”left-to-right” text_align=”left” title=”Increasing Grip/Friction with VukGripz Products provides athletes with a VukGripz “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!“ Philosophy! This allows athletes to gain more relaxation/flexibility in their hands, wrists, arms and upper body without any loss of energy during a swing! Increases in those areas provide for increases in Exit Ball Velocity and Distance! Unlike any other grip or batting glove brands on the market, VukGripz has proven to increase ANY athletes’ performance!” title_type=”h4″][/zozo_vc_feature_box]
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[zozo_vc_feature_box css_animation=”left-to-right” text_align=”left” type=”icomoonpack2″ icon_icomoonpack2=”icomoon2 icomoon2-baseball” title=”270% more grip/friction in wet, and cold conditions when using the VukGripz System ” title_type=”h5″][/zozo_vc_feature_box]

The Power of VukGripz!

The VukGripz system provides 270% more grip in wet, cold and moist conditions over traditional grip and glove combos! 

This system has been tested the past 5 years like no other system available! With 4 years of this system being tested first hand in professional baseball (as a bat grip and batting gloves system), VukGripz knows these products inside and out! With that kind of experience and all the extreme weather testing, this system is making its mark in baseball/softball along with golf and lacrosse! All products are durable, user-friendly, and different. These grips are USA made, reusable, thin and durable with wall to wall adhesive! VukGripz will continue to show why its products will outperform the competition!

[zozo_vc_section_title title=”Fox 42 News Story on VukGripz at the Men’s College World Series – Omaha, NE” title_color=”#ffffff”]It’s not every day a small company from Ohio, with a strong focus on bat grips and batting gloves gets interviewed for the nightly news. This news coverage happened during the 2017 Men’s College World Series in the prime time spot of Fox 42 Omaha’s 9pm News Coverage! What is exactly did this story cover? Well, a VukGripz specialty: NOT SLIPPING! Fox 42’s Bill Steckis interviewed VukGripz Owner, RJ Vukovich, because of the incident that involved a bat slipping out a player’s hands and flying into the stands striking a fan during the first game of a the CWS. Not only that, Minor League player Tim Tebow also experienced the same experience within the same week. The full news story is on the video to the left! For more details about the VukGripz journey to the CWS, please use the following link to the read the blog post: Fox 42 Omaha|VukGripz Bat Tape – Batting Gloves[/zozo_vc_section_title]