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VukGripz LLC developed performance enhancing products designed for individuals striving to gain a better ‘grip’ on their equipment. At VukGripz LLC, we believe if an athlete can “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!”, it will provide more fluid movements when athletes use their sport, specific equipment. By not having to grip equipment with a hard, intense grip, athletes will now be able to experience a more free and flexible grip. With a lighter grip and tighter hold, athletes now gain fluidity in their hands, wrists and upper body movements. This increase in fluid movements can now help an athlete elevate his or her game to that next level! The only gripping system that has proven to provide no slip in wet, cold, and moist weather conditions!

– R.J. Vukovich, Owner

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“Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!” even in wet conditions. Use a VukGripz Bat Grip and increase your performance today!

[zozo_vc_list_item type=”icomoonpack2″ icon_icomoonpack2=”icomoon2 icomoon2-baseball” icon_size=”20px”]Designed to fit on any wood, aluminum or composite bat.[/zozo_vc_list_item][zozo_vc_list_item type=”icomoonpack2″ icon_icomoonpack2=”icomoon2 icomoon2-baseball” icon_size=”20px”]Great for players of all ages and skill levels.[/zozo_vc_list_item][zozo_vc_list_item type=”icomoonpack2″ icon_icomoonpack2=”icomoon2 icomoon2-baseball” icon_size=”20px”]VukGripz have pre-cut ends for easy wrapping.[/zozo_vc_list_item]

VukGripz VukLoc Pro Series Batting Gloves are performance driven and are unlike any other top brand name batting gloves on the market!

[zozo_vc_list_item type=”icomoonpack2″ icon_icomoonpack2=”icomoon2 icomoon2-baseball” icon_size=”20px”]Up to 4.4% more bat speed when VukGripz Batting Gloves are directly used with a VukGripz Bat Grip*[/zozo_vc_list_item][zozo_vc_list_item type=”icomoonpack2″ icon_icomoonpack2=”icomoon2 icomoon2-baseball” icon_size=”20px”]270% increased grip/friction with the VukGripz System (VukGripz Bat Grip and VukGripz Batting Gloves) in wet, cold and moist playing conditions over what a traditional bat grip and batting gloves system can provide*[/zozo_vc_list_item][zozo_vc_list_item type=”icomoonpack2″ icon_icomoonpack2=”icomoon2 icomoon2-baseball” icon_size=”20px”]Customize your own bat grip and batting gloves today! Contact VukGripz to see how you can get your gear customized to you![/zozo_vc_list_item]

Our hands are All-Purpose hands! Our hands grab, grip, hold, squeeze, twist, turn, swing, grasp, pinch, support and do many more things than just those examples! Sometimes our hands slip while we are performing those movements. Slipping while performing those actions can cause blisters, calluses and even injuries. What if VukGripz provided a system of products that could help prevent blisters, calluses and injuries while providing you with a longer lasting, relaxed grip at affordable prices?

[zozo_vc_list_item type=”icomoonpack2″ icon_icomoonpack2=”icomoon2 icomoon2-soccer” icon_size=”20px”]VukGripz All-Purpose Gloves help protect your hands during those Do-It-Yourself projects, working out in the yard, or if you are a hands on person! With strong durable leather used with all our gloves, these gloves are made to last! Not only that, these VukGripz All-Purpose Gloves move and work with your hands, not against! Pick things up, use your tools and get down n’ dirty with VukGripz All-Purpose Gloves![/zozo_vc_list_item][zozo_vc_list_item type=”icomoonpack2″ icon_icomoonpack2=”icomoon2 icomoon2-soccer” icon_size=”20px”]VukGripz All-Purpose Grip Tape improves any tool, handle, wheel and shaft! This tape is thin, strong and won’t slip in wet conditions! It can be cleaned with water if it gets dirty or used as is![/zozo_vc_list_item][zozo_vc_list_item type=”icomoonpack2″ icon_icomoonpack2=”icomoon2 icomoon2-soccer” icon_size=”20px”]The VukGripz All-Purpose System can be used for all types of entertainment! If you enjoy ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Car Racing, Hunting, Shooting or whatever you might enjoy! VukGripz All-Purpose Grip Tape can be put on virtually anything! Use VukGripz All-Purpose Gloves with VukGripz All-Purpose Grip Tape and you will see how much your grip will be saved![/zozo_vc_list_item]
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Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

VukGripz Grips – Our grips are made in the USA! Not many brand name companies can say that about most, if any of their products today! VukGripz stands behind the performance advertised and knows these product can benefit any athlete!

VukGripz Batting Gloves – We take pride in our batting gloves. VukGripz has done its homework and has provided athletes with high qualiy, long lasting batting/sports gloves. With increased total leather compared to many of our competitors, our batting gloves are at the top of the game!

Family started, family run, and family driven has allowed VukGripz the opportunity to grow and become a successful company in the market. By offering unique products, VukGripz will continue to grow as a brand that can be trusted with quality products, hard working employees, trustworthy customer service and a performance driven path!

Thank you to everyone who has supported VukGripz in the past, currently and soon to come! Welcome to the family!